How to Form an LLC

Last night, I gave a presentation at the Pittsburgh IGDA “Lightning Talks” event.  A Lightning Talk is effectively the same thing as the GDC Microtalks: speakers get exactly five minute to present a topic and you quickly jump to the next person.  The goal is to be exposed to a lot of different topics quickly and if you need more information, talk to the ones that interested afterwards.  If you don’t like a talk or it doesn’t apply to you…hey, you only lost five minutes! :-)

I originally wanted to present on Unity, but I got talked into going over the basics of forming an LLC.  It’s not really that hard: you just fill out three forms (federal, state, city) and write a check.  It’s easier if you are a single-member LLC, like me, but adding partners is a breeze too.  You simply fill in more names on the forms!

Well, I’ve rambled enough.  Thanks to all that came out and talked to me afterwards.  Here are the slides with all the links to the forms and a PA “Starting a Business Guide.”  Keep in mind this is just  a VERY quick guide…I may have missed something so be sure to read up on it as you go.  Good luck!

How to form an LLC (PDF)