Something Delicious This Way Comes

Well, this Labor Day weekend has been interesting so far.  I took a wacky prototype I made a few months ago and started fleshing it out.  Now it is turning into a full blown action puzzle game!  Oh Nos!  I won’t say what the title is yet because I still need to register the domain, but I can tell you this game is going to be delicious! ;-)

This game will be released for iPhone/iPod/iPad and is being built with the Cocos2D engine.
At this point, design is 100% complete.  Tech is around 60% complete.  Art and sound, of course, are about 20% complete.  Once I’ve completely implemented all the features on the MUST HAVE list, I’ll do a playtest, fine tune some things, and start cranking out art & sound.  Then, you all can partake of the deliciousness!

Rabid Squirrel Games might FINALLY be able to enter the Independent Games Festival this year.
October 18 is the deadline, so this game must be done by then to enter!  CRUNCH MODE IS GO!